Biosafety cabinet certification

Regulatory Guidance / Test Methods:

We offer testing, certification, and maintenance of biological safety cabinets. We certify BSCs to meet NSF-49, OSHA, NIH/CDC, and manufacturer’s standards. Our reports are supplied electronically same day.

BSC tests should be conducted whenever units are installed, moved, or following any significant maintenance. NSF 49 recommends that certifications be done annually, with more frequent certifications (semi-annual) performed for BSCs in cGMP environments. Biosafety cabinet testing and certification is critical to ensuring product and patient safety.

Primary Services

Ensures proper inflow is maintained for operator protection and environmental protection.
Documents the air in the work area is unidirectional and functioning as designed, preventing cross contamination, and providing product protection from the environment.
Documents leakage or defects and ensures HEPA filters provide required filtration to prevent both product and environmental contamination.
Qualitatively verifies airflow directions using a small source of visible fog.
Confirms alarm performance and assesses installation of units for NSF and OSHA compliance.

Additional Services

Performed in accordance with ISO 14644-1 or EC Annex 1, and provides a quantitative evaluation of air quality in terms of particulate in the work area.
Verifies hood operation/usage will not contribute to worker fatigue/stress and may be performed in association with troubleshooting.
Ensures product is not subject to damage due to vibration and may be performed in association with troubleshooting.
Ensures fluorescent lighting levels are sufficient to prevent operator fatigue.
Decontamination ensures the unit is non-infectious and compliant with regulatory standards.

Why choose Keystone

Keystone has tested and certified controlled environments for over 25 years. When we started Keystone we serviced Virginia and the surrounding areas. Today we service the east coast. Our team has over 100 collective years of experience in the industry, serving over 200 pharmaceutical, university, research, and advanced manufacturing clients.

We test, certify, and service all controlled environments, including cleanrooms, biosafety cabinets, fume hoods, and isolators. We provide biosafety cabinets, cleanbenches and fume hood reports the same-day, and turnaround electronic cleanroom reports in two weeks. For any emergency, we can get a technician to your site quickly.

We are proudly 100% founder and employee owned. Keystone is a certified minority business enterprise.


25 years of company history


Highly trained technicians (average 10-year tenure)

Report Turnaround

We prioritize prompt delivery of reports.


We take emergency calls seriously. We can get technicians on-site quickly


Founder and employee-owned. Certified minority business enterprise

Our Locations

We are a regional service provider

As a regional service provider, Keystone provides testing and certification services across the midatlantic region and east coast.