Consultation, Certification & Service were never so easy!

At Keystone Certification we know it’s inconvenient trying to keep up with regulatory requirements – we’re here to help! With over 50 years of experience, we’re here to take the burden off your plate and help you stay in compliance with pro-active, efficient and timely services and certifications. We offer affordable solutions in a clear and friendly manner that enables organizations to stay in compliance.


Keystone certification personnel attend professional development and industry update seminars annually, so we have the knowledge (and passion!) for making the confusing clear. By explaining each service recommendation to you, you can make informed decisions about your devices.


Leave it to us to take care of your controlled environment & certifications, so you can have the peace of mind that your controlled environment is running smoothly!


Wendy McKee
Operations Development
Eric McKee, M.E., CIEC,
Strategic Development
Skeet Becker, CCM
General Manager & HR
Dev Ramcharan, 
Corporate Coach


Russell Pittman
RCP-SCF Accredited Certifier
Sterile COMP Specialist
Danny Testa Jr. 
NSF Accredited Certifier
Service & Repair Specialist
Ty Turner
Fume Hood Specialist
Lauren Ponsonby
Jordan Anderson
Accounts & Scheduling
Debbie Lange
Stacey Pittman
Administration & Scheduling

"Highly professional, conscientious and customer centric"

"I’ve worked with Eric and his team for many years and can say unequivocally that they are highly professional, conscientious, and are customer centric. KeyStone Certification serves us primarily for Biological and Chemical Fume Hood certifications, repairs, and decontamination services, but over the years we have utilized their other services for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing and remediation monitoring, engineering assistance, and mechanical systems consultation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this firm to anyone needing assistance in IAQ-related issues."


- Facilities Manager/State Laboratory Facility